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Join us in signing a petition to the Miami-Dade County Commissioners.

Image by Shawn Henley
The Miami-Dade County Commissioners are considering whether to pass a pro-restaurant ordinance that would: 

1) Require third-party delivery companies to provide fee transparency so customers, drivers, and restaurants know exactly what the fees are and who the ultimate recipient of the money is.


2) Require third-party delivery companies to provide customer information to restaurants so restaurants are able to communicate with their customers and directly address any issues that may arise.


Tell the County Commissioners that this ordinance is essential in giving local restaurants and small businesses a fighting chance with more fair and sustainable online ordering and delivery. 

Urge them to pass the Food Delivery Ordinance by Commissioner McGhee.


Your signature will help us show the unified strength of our diverse and vibrant restaurant community to the county commissioners. We firmly believe that together, we can influence positive change and secure a better future for our local restaurants.

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